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Paper Tole Standards

The Paper Tole Institute recommends standards for paper tole work. These standards must be observed in work submitted for judging. Standards become more rigorous at higher levels of certification and they are listed here for your review.
Paper tole work at all levels must have:
    1.    Precision cutting;
    2.    Creative and realistic shaping with no cracked edges;
    3.    Nicely rounded and colored edges (No blunt or white edges);
    4.    Each piece must be separated, shaped and reassembled. i.e. a hand should be separated from a sleeve;             shoe separated from a leg;
    5.    No gaps visible;
    6.    No double images can be visible when standing at eye level to the picture.
    7.    Background, middle ground, and foreground should be kept in perspective. The background should have less             emphasis than the foreground; 
    8.    No visible silicone, foam core, wire or any other thing used to raise an object;
    9.    Free from debris inside the frame; 
    10.  Complementary mats and frames, with a professional looking finish.
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