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About Us: Where the Buck Stops


DOTTY MADDOX: I have been cutting out paper tole for over 10 years and still love it!! I have tried many crafts, but paper tole is the only one that remains challenging and exciting for me. I love to do paper tole and to help others learn and grow doing paper tole. 

   Locally, I have the nick name of "the ripper" from helping students not be afraid to rip out and redo what doesn't work in their paper tole picture. The art is always improved when we finish. 

   I endeavor to be a professional about matting, framing and closing up the art. I believe that if you are going to sell your paper tole at prices rivaling great art it has to look like great art in the front AND in the back. 

   Here in New Mexico we are always looking for new ways to block, shape, and make difficult elements like smoke, straw, fencing, screen doors, rain, clouds and dust look real. So far we have always come up with a way to make our art as realistic as possible without the technique or added element overpowering the paper.

  We always enjoy new ideas from any source and love to share techniques and ideas with other paper tolers. Hope to meet you at out next seminar.  Till we meet....happy snipping! Dotty Maddox.
TINA LYNN: I have been doing paper tole for 8 years.  I enjoy the challenge of making something flat come back to "life." 
   I got into this art by having Nona Church drop off some art for Dotty to frame and close up for a craft fair.  It was too intriguing to not learn how to do it.  Since that day I have produced lots and have even enticed several of my daughters and grand children to do paper tole.  They all enter pieces into the New Mexico State Fair for ribbons.  We have three judges each year who judge that art.  And no, I don't judge my grand children's art so no unfair practices there!  
I really love this form of art and my goal is to get better with every picture that I complete.  
I love to attend the seminars and meet other paper tolers. There is no end to the great techniques and tips you can learn from tolers from all over the world.  The last seminar in Vancouver, Washington was truly international as we had students for Norway, Australia, England, Canada and all over the US.  You get an education about other cultures money, customs, economies AND get to see how the rest of the world does paper tole.  Can it get any better??
Snip, Snip till we meet again!  Tina Lynn


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