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Aim of the Institute

Aim of the Institute: To Become The Premier Institute For Producing Exceptional Artists
And Teachers In The Art of Paper Tole
Dee Overduin, a 20-year veteran of the paper tole business, founded the Paper Tole Institute. Ms Overduin’s qualifications included an accounting degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
She wrote articles about paper tole and authored of two popular instruction books about paper tole as a hobby and as a business. Her workshop of feathering was featured on the Carol Duvall show. She spoke at numerous service clubs and social functions both in Canada and he United States.
Ms. Overduin taught several courses on how to start a small business at the community college level. Over the past 20 years she successfully started and sold two paper tole businesses and devoted much of her time to the development and growth of the Paper Tole Institute.
Through the Paper Tole Institute she hoped to enhance and raise the level of craftsmanship found in today’s paper tole. Ms. Overduin is active in the National Guild of Decoupeurs and has been its executive direct.
After years of research and in conjunction with a number of experienced paper tolers, the Institute has developed a set of standards for paper tole. These standards are used in judging the paper tole for teacher certification.
Ms. Overduin’s vision has been carried on and nurtured by the two presidents who have followed her. 
Ms Marit Gabler of Norway was President of the Paper Tole Institute for two years. During that time she helped to grow and further the goals and standards of the Institute as established by Ms. Overduin.
In 2009, Ms. Nona Church purchased the Institute and became its President. She grew and nourished the vision of the Institute. She revamped the website, planed and executed exhibits and seminars, encouraged new artists, and sought input from other paper tolers.
In 2012 Ms. Dotty Maddox and Ms. Tina Shelton purchased the Institute from Ms. Nona Church.  Dotty became the President and Tina became Vice-President.  They are working very hard to improve the Institute's benefits for its members.  They have redone the website to make it a more friendly and interactive place for paper tole artists, teachers and shops to come, participate and grow. They are going to start online classes in September, 2017 to teach techniques to all paper tolers, but especially to those who have no available teachers or paper tole buddies.
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